What is a Terp Timer

What is a Terp Timer

As the legal cannabis industry has developed and evolved over the past few years, we've seen an incredible amount of innovation in the types of products cannabis consumers can buy. One of those many innovative product types we've seen the rise of has been cannabis concentrates. 

In fact, cannabis concentrate sales numbers have spiked by about 40 percent recently, cementing its place as one of the fastest-growing product segments in the total cannabis industry today. To get the most out of those concentrates, however, you'll need to figure out stuff like using a dab rig, buying a concentrate-specific vaporizer, and figuring out terms often associated with cannabis concentrates like bangers, dabbers, slurper, and bubblers, just to name a few. One device that will make your life easier regarding sorting out dabs and cannabis concentrates is an Octave Terp Timer! 

This article is going to break down exactly what a terp timer is, how to use it and get the most out of the machine, and break down exactly how and why it takes the guesswork out of enjoying cannabis concentrates quickly and easily at the exact temperature needed for great dabs. 

So with all of that in mind, let's get right into it and break down exactly why the Octave Terp Timer is a must-have for any concentrate lover who's serious about their dabs being top-notch! 

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What is a Terp Timer?

Let's start with the basics, shall we? What is the Octave Terp Timer and what does it do? Well, it's a super fancy and precise way to measure the temperature that you're taking your dabs at. So how does it ensure you're using the exact right temperature? By measuring the temperature of your dab rig's banger, that's how! 

Each one of these devices includes a wireless thermometer that measures the temperature of your banger, letting off a beep once your dab nail hits the pre-set target temperature. This device makes sure that your dab is never under or overheated, giving you a consistent rip from your dab rig everytime. No more eyeballing it, no more guesswork. The right temperature for your dab rig, every single time without fail. Think of it like an e-nail without the inconsistency that comes along with crappy ones. 

With a device like the Terp Timer are your disposal, your dab rig will become your most-used cannabis consumption accessory, putting your standard grav bongs, water pipes, vapes, and boring old joints to shame. 

How Does a Terp Timer Work?

Simply put, a Terp Timer works by using a laser-guided temperature reader to make sure that your dab nail is at the perfect temperature for the concentrates you're dabbing, the rig you're using, and a myriad other factors that play into making for the perfect dab! 

You just set a temperature you want your nail to hit, use the torch to heat the nail like always, and wait for the signature beep of the Terp Timer to let you know when things have been heated up the way they should. 

What are the Parts of a Terp Timer?

The Octave Terp Time is truly not a complicated device to figure out. It's only got like five different buttons for adjusting the preset temperature target, a LED, color-changing screen, a powerful 1000mah lithium-ion battery that can hold a charge for more than a month at a time, a laser-guided thermometer to measure the exact temperature of your banger, and a sleek, upright design that's as modern and stylish as it is effective.

How Tall is a Terp Timer?

Standing at about 3.5 inches tall and weighing in at about 300 mg, these little devices are about as powerful as it gets when packed into one compact little machine. The bottom of the device even features. built-in magnet, which ensures that it stayz upright where you need it to be! 

What is a Terp Timer Made Of?

Designed with a glossy black exterior, a sleek, easy to-navigate design, and a long-lasting battery for a no-fuss approach to making sure your dab tools are properly heated for the rips you're about to take, the Octave Terp Timer is a great device! 

Due to it's simple, streamlined design, the device is easy to clean with just a damp cloth. Just make sure not to use any cleaning products with solvents in them, since that will damage the sensors. If you're looking to clean the sensor, just spray it with some compressed air and that will do the job!  

How Do You Set a Terp Timer?

To turn the device on and set a timer, you'll need first need to get the actual device itself up and running. To turn on the Octave terp timer, you need to just hold the power button on the very front of the device for a bout three seconds. After that, you'll want to adjust your temperature settings to using the 'set' button and either the left or right buttons to alter the target temp. With a temperature setting between 60 degree and 1500 degrees, this thermometer will be able to figure out the perfect temperature for whatever you're dabbing. 

From there you'll just heat your quartz banger to the exact temperature you're looking for and enjoy the perfect hit off your dab rigs. It's just that easy with a product like the Terp Timer! 

How Many Seconds Does a Terp Timer Last For? 

Typically, the ideal time for heating your banger would be somewhere in the range of 45 seconds. Depending on the torch or heat source you're using that might take a bit longer or shorter than what you're used to; the typical time that passes before your dab nail gets to the right temperature is somewhere in the range of 45 seconds. That's more than enough time to heat your banger properly; the Terp Timer device to read and recognize that, and for your dab tools to be applied to your waiting dab rig. It's about as simple and easy as 1, 2, 3! 

How Much Does a Terp Timer Cost? 

The coolest part of an Octave Terp Timer isn't the device itself; it's the price tag attached to it. With each timer costing you the consumer somewhere in the range of only $150USD for their regular price model and a similar range for other product skus, they're a cost-effective product for pretty much everyone. With the official website offering options to pay the device down with a series of interest-free payments and backed by a comprehensive 10-year manufacturing warranty, it's fair to say that Octave takes eminence pride in producing a product that's affordable as it is top-notch. And with coupon codes and frequent sales on our site, you're sure to be able to pick up a Terp Timer that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg at checkout! Needless to say, this device is going to be a mainstay on the wishlist for any concentrate lover who's into dabbing!

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